I was born on 12 december 1966. I started playing the guitar unusually late with the help of László Kerekes who is a teacher at the local OSZK ( National Entertainment and Music Centre ) In the mean time I was listening to music, firstly rock but then I started listening to jazz, as well, even though no one else around me was listening to it. From here the road led straight to Postás Music-shool, Budapest, where I was a pupil of Sándor Horányi, and Bartók Béla Jazz Conservatory where, being a student of Gyula Babos, I received my degree as a Jazz-Guitar Artist and teacher. During this period I joined a lot of school bands and later played in a lot of jazz, alternative and even in some pop groups like AD Studio and BUMM!.

I was featured in some plays in the local Csiky Gergely Theatre and I am frequently asked to join symphonic orchestras, steel bands and circuses. Since my graduation I have been teaching in music schools and also in a privat practice. Currently I have my own jazz band and we are playing on both cruise lines and land.